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XC is our way of taking you from a training field and unleashing your flight potential over wild country.

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XC Training

Turn back the clock and try to remember what our forefathers might envisage flight to be like…

to many paramotor pilots today their choice of aviation stems from the desire to soar like a bird. We CAN guarantee you the wind in your face, no cockpit to block your view, a complete awareness of your surroundings and the absolute exhilaration of flight in its truest form.

XC Program

XC Merit Badge

With the advancement of technology, Nirvana pilots now have the ability to cross large portions of terrain on a single tank of fuel.

Nirvana Africa tries to arrange as many ‘pilot gatherings’ as possible. We find that knowledge is shared best when pilots from different locations get together. Nirvana Africa selects a flight route, provides a flight plan with Navigational aids, provides contingency plans and leads from the front of the pack.

Once a pilot complete a specific flight route he receives a customized Merit Badge, best suited for a flight suit.

XC Navigation

Essential pieces of navigation equipment should include a GPS (smart phone with GPS aviation software), magnetic compass, 1:500 000 map of XC grid (optional).


Several factors are the responsibility of the pilot to know such as average fuel consumption on his/her machine, cruise velocity in zero wind conditions, confidence level in various meteorological conditions etc.

Enough emphasis cannot be placed on this. Nirvana Africa assist with helping pilots custom their gear should they have to make an emergency landing. Ideal flight gear includes 8” boots, sturdy flight suit with multiple pockets, smoke grenades x 2, wing dump bag and basic first aid equipment.

Not good, but GREAT communication

Communication with both your fellow pilots and the aerodrome is essential. The XC program assists pilots to comfortably share airspace with larger and more conventional aircraft.

The most important step is to have a good radio and helmet that will not let you down. It should not be overlooked that the sharing of the formation flying experience is best done with great communication between pilots.

Short take-off’s and spot landings

Practice makes perfect! Start sharpening your skill to decrease your take-off distance and to better your aim for a specific landing spot. Some of our experienced XC pilots never overshoot a ‘Helipad’ size target.

Nirvana Africa will always ensure contingencies such as alternate landing zones and as much T/O and landing space as can be acquired (safety is main priority). That being said…. This Is Africa!

Although not a PPG license requirement, Nirvana Africa recommends that all XC pilots should acquire a PPL Navigation textbook for study material. This is a great source of valuable information that will improve your confidence, especially when the GPS fails unexpectedly!

Preflight briefing is presented by the Lead Pilot

A thorough preflight briefing is handing in given by Lead and is also made available in print format to give pilots the essential information to feel comfortable with the XC. Contingencies, emergency procedures, landing procedures and formation flying are just some of the topics that are thoroughly discussed around the camp fire.

Pilots discretion

The XC program was initiated because of the confidence in the reliability of the machines. A lead pilot will not motivate a nervous pilot and will not force a nervous pilot to fly in any conditions that are conflicting with his PPG training. The lead pilot also maintains the right to deny a pilot from participating if he or she feels that the reliability of the a specific machine could endanger a pilot. A participating pilot only flies on ‘pilots discretion’ meaning that he or she alone takes the decision to participate once the ‘green light’ has been given by the Lead Pilot.

The entire range of Nirvana products will open up a new and exciting world of adventure aviation for you

…whether you are an aspiring pilot or a professional that will not settle for anything but the best.

Thinking of flying?

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