Nirvana Africa offers a dedicated quick response aerial response service to entities operating in the wildlife conservation and ranching sectors.

Search and Coordination

Wounded or missing animals is a regular occurrence that can lead to lengthy and costly searches. Services include:

  • Acquiring permission from Parks Authority.

  • Searching ranch and maintaining aerial observation to coordinate Ground Team members.

  • Taking both high quality Gimbal Stabilized video footage and 24 megapixel still images for closer examination

Game Counts

Game Counting Services via traditional aerial platforms such as helicopters is incredibly expensive. Our platform is proven and tested – increasing effectiveness and decreasing ‘fault factor’ all at 1/3 of the cost of traditional platforms. Services include:

  • Acquiring permission from Parks Authority.

  • Technique adapted according to size of ranch – single or multiple pilots to fly grid pattern and report game census and position.

  • Taking both high-quality Gimbal Stabilized video footage and 24 megapixel still images for closer examination.


Currently serving multiple Park Authorities – Nirvana Africa provides Aerial cover and response in the search for poachers and wounded animals. Service includes:

  • Armed Search and Response.
  • Coordination of Ground Crew.
  • No Airfield Required for deployment.

  • HD Camera to document effort and evidence.

Filming and Photography

At fraction of traditional platforms, Full HD Gimbal Stabilized Videography, and 24 megapixel still Images. Service includes:

  • Appealing to larger facilities with landscapes.

  • Completely legal service as appose to drone technology which has major limitations (CAA Law).

  • Raw footage and images provided immediately after flight.

  • Professional Editing Services available on request.

Advantages & Costs

  • 3,5 hours of endurance per single flight.

  • Transport to deployment zone by vehicle.

  • No airfield required, only small open field.

  • 1/4 Deployment cost of competing aviation platforms.

  • High Quality Footage and Still Camera Images provide huge documentation and post-flight analysis benefit.

  • Low Noise profile provides minimal impact on animal behavior.

  • Ferry Cost – R4.00 per km from Mbombela to Deployment zone. Applicable to all services below.

  • R2000.00 per hour flight cost including fuel and pilot (excl. VAT and cost applicable on single PPG deployment).

  • <10 000 hectares – 1 PPG, 1 Coordinator at R3500.00

  • 10 000 hectares – 2xPPG,1xPH Coordinator R5000.00 (Fault Factor Reduction).

  • Photography Service at R2500.00 per location (flight time less than 1 hour).

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