Nirvana Paramotors currently has the only Powered Paraglider gear that allows a pilot from choosing to fly ‘Footlaunch’ or ‘Tandem Trike’ with the SAME Paramotor.

The Nirvana Carbon Cruise Taxi has been ont he market for some time but its now being combined for the first time with the Dudek Orca XX and some additional accessories that make the package an unbeatable product for the working pilot.

Time flies! And so does the development of new technology. Older glider technology meant that Trike machines needed excessive power to get tandem payload air. The advent of the Orca XX breathes new life into a winner of a concept.

The Unit

When selecting an engine you can go Ranger 230 or Instinct 230HL. The Ranger has a more robust frame which is ideal for farmers and working pilots and is our recommended Unit for this package. The trike base color is then changed from the signature ‘orange’ color to the Ranger ‘Khaki’ color scheme giving the package a unique African look.


The PPG unit can be taken off the trike and made ready for ‘Footlaunch’ in 5 minutes. With working pilots the need to transport a large rucksack for use at a destination OR the requirement to carry a passenger to focus on duties such as observation or photography, does arise. Other products on the market only allow for a dedicated Trike (PPT) or a dedicated Footlaunch PPG. Now the working pilot can transform his his PPG into a tandem PPT or a single trike with baggage space.

Functions in a nutshell

  • The PPG is transformable to a tandem PPT in 5 minutes, with a second harness.

  • Twin hardboxes called “Cookie Jars” can be added to the frame allowing for up to 28lt of stowage space.

  • Second seat can be used for passenger or rucksack transport.

  • The Orca XX glider now gives the tandem PPT a short take-off distance and slow landing speed with a cruise speed of up to 50km/hr.

  • The Instinct HL can be combined with a Blue Line Racing prop for additional thrust.

  • The Ranger comes standard with a shorter prop and high thrust ability.

Package Includes

  • Nirvana PPG Unit. Ranger or Instinct HL 230.

  • Nirvana Carbon Cruise Taxi (adapted color scheme).

  • 2 x “Cookie Jar” Hardboxes for payload.

  • Shallow pitch prop set for maximum thrust.

  • 2 x Kamo harness. One for PPT and one for PPG (the addition of a second dedicated pilot harness allows for fast transition from PPT to PPG.

  • 1 x standard passenger Harness.

  • The Dudek Orca XX glider with 310kg payload capacity in a choice of 4 different colors (operating weight of 120kg to 310kg).

  • The Dudek Universal glider for PPG single pilot operation (selected according pilot weight).


  • Standard Basic Footlaunch PPG license of 35 flights and examinations. Estimated training period of 10 full days of training in broken-up periods or full time. Weather dependable.

  • Radio License.

  • Once PPG pass. 7 Flights for PPT conversion.

  • Sport licence pass. Examination.

  • Tandem PPT qualification in 70 logged flights.

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