Nirvana Aero CC. has now added an additional full time training location to its offering. The location was home to the Skywalk training school which ended its operations with the passing of the legendary Ronnie Beukes. Ronnie was instrumental in training students in the region of Gauteng and the club is one of the biggest in the country of over 100 members.


Under new Civil Aviation Regulations the site required a registered flight school which fortunately could be provided by Nirvana Aero School since both schools had a partnership agreement prior to the loss of Ronnie Beukes.

The Paramaniacs Club is one of the biggest in the country and assumes the responsibility of maintaining the field. The new arrangement has also opened an opportunity for Lowveld Slope Soaring Club, Nirvana Aero and Paramaniacs to enter in a partnership agreement that will promote the interests of a combined 270 pilots making it the largest representative organization outside of the official oversight organizations.

Multiple instructors are being accredited under Nirvana Aero School and we hope to grow the sport even larger then its current standing with more members, more events, more competitions and more offerings.

More on this in the future.


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