Nirvana Systems in conjunction with Nirvana Africa have spent much time at providing solutions for PPG owners that would prefer being able to use their Nirvana in practical applications.

The NRanger is Nirvana Africa’s latest product launch and is intended to give farmers, special specie breeders, and ranchers the perfect solution to carry their rifle whilst executing their daily duties. Here is what sets the Nirvana NRanger apart from PPG prior to 2012:

  • The NS230 is one of the only PPG designs THAT ALLOW FOR A SINGLE BUTTON ELECTRIC START AND STOP. Why is this important? When pilots are landing in very small fields they often need to attempt landing, go around and attempt landing again. With manual start systems or even electric start with buttons that require two hands to utilize, this advantage is not provided for and pilots stand the chance to overshoot the landing zone when gliding in for landing.
  • The Dudek Univeral is the pioneering with that would lead to the unveiling of Dudek’s latest product range set to revolutionize PPG flying. New glider technology present in the Dudek XX Glider range will give pilots a slow take-off and landing speed without compromising on top speed. The ‘Sharknose’ design allows for a quicker take-off giving pilots the chance to cut down on the size of their take-off sites as well as increasing safety when choosing an unknown small landing zone.
  • New clothing and vest technology allows pilots to fly with a wide array of communication, survival, medical, and navigation equipment which is essential for flying solo.
  • Pilots can now look forward to covering larger distances with a greater top speed than ever before! The new Hadron XX will give an experienced pilot up to 75km/hr unassisted by additional speed educing systems.

Powered Paragliding is fast transitioning from a form of fun sport flying to a practical aviation platform that can be used to great effect. Nirvana Raptor pilots have spent hundreds of hours during anti-poaching flight missions to test design and technique that could be used to improve the flight experience for cross country pilots such as farmers and ranchers.

**Please note that the ‘NRanger’ is not designed to give the pilot access to a rifle in-flight. Nirvana Africa also does not approve of the use of a rifle in-flight**

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