Our Pilots Nirvana Africa has made a decision to focus on recruiting individuals that can bring aspiring and experienced pilots together in a sense of community. Each person contributes a wealth of experience to Nirvana Africa and together as a team we seek to reinvent the Nirvana brand in Africa.


  • Eugene Cussons
    Public Figure and Television Personality Eugene Cussons has focused his passion for flying into what has now become the Nirvana Africa entity. Best known for his work as a wildlife conservationist and television presenter for Animal Planet USA, Eugene also enjoys being a fixed wing and paramotor pilot. Eugene intends to use his background in economics and entrepreneurship to establish and support the umbrella of owner managed franchises.
'Flying is our family pastime and as a tradition is passed down from father-to-son. I therefore appreciate being a 'bush pilot' and I make full use of what the African landscape has to offer when it comes to spectacular scenic flying. There are no words to describe flying low level over wild Africa and my passion is to share this experience with as many pilots as I can. My confidence to fly low level XC however,comes from an unshakable trust in my machine and wing. In Fixed Wing aviation we can't count on second chances, I bring this ethos to PPG XC and therefore I only fly a machine I can trust. From a business point of view I understand that PPG pilots WANT a strong sense of community, and our owners/pilots will make it a priority on par with providing fast and reliable maintenance'.