Paragliding Nirvana Africa has secured two locations for the means of paragliding and paragliding instruction. Dealers for each region:

  • 1. Barberton/De Kaap Valley -
  • 2. Paarl/Signal Hill -
We are proud to have the agency for Dudek paraglider wings and we encourage owners of the products to actively make contact with their respective dealer if any service or maintenance is required.

Dudek Wings

Please take good care of your Dudek wing and manual! If you where to damage any of your lines for any reason, our dealers would be happy to assist you in determining and ordering you replacement lines. As with all our products we recommend genuine parts and therefore we order the lines as per the line identification and then proceed to order the lines directly from the factory located in Poland.

Our dealers will also provide you with the best advice when it comes to repairing wing fabric damage.