Nirvana Lodge Nirvana Lodge overlooks the enclosures of the world famous JGI Chimpanzee Eden. This 13-bedroom 4-star lodge has been converted for the needs of visiting Nirvana Pilots and also provides plenty of additional activities in the surrounding reserve include Chimpanzee tours that can be booked with JGI Chimp Eden as well as more than 80 km of walking trails for people to enjoy.

The lodge has played host to many a dignitary including being one of the preferred locations for visiting members of the South African cabinet. The lodge has been closed to the general public and is now an exclusive pilot retreat with Eugene Cussons has your host.

Our local instructor Anton Naude is extremely professional and more than a decade of experience in both PG and PPG training. His services must be booked in advance. It is important for visiting pilots to know that even though you might still only have a Student License qualification, you are allowed to participate in XC flights at Nirvana Estate as long as its under the supervision of a instructor.