Dudek Universal and Nirvana Instinct- The Ultimate Specialist Combination


It been a busy 2016 for Nirvana Africa with 22 pilots buying their gear and getting ready to use it for practical aviation applications. Farmers, Ranchers and XC pilots have been a prime focus for Nirvana Africa with the development and testing of gear that could enhance the performance of these individuals. The package sported the following items:
  • 1 The Dudek Universal Glider - The glider allows for a great weight range and trimmer setting range.Simply said this allows for slow flying but also faster speed on demand. The glider delivered as advertised - not only did first time pilots qualify under 10 days due to the easy training on the glider but it got individuals to do their practical flying work without having much experience. Nirvana Africa’s goal was to ensure that a the recommended glider for the package could allow farmers to cover large areas, take-off in short distances and perform ‘outlandings’ whenever required. The glider’s exception ability to remain stable and deliver a predictable glide ratio on landings gave practical application pilots exactly what they needed. Some pilots got 20 qualifying flights done in as quick as 4 days (4500ft MSL). The reflex capability of the glider also gave pilots the confidence to take-off in smaller areas and attempt landing when required as apposed to feeling forced to return to the origin of take-off.
  • 2 The Nirvana Instinct NS230HL -The majority of South African pilots have one thing in common, they are either heavy or big men! To make things even more challenging is that most individual that inquire to do practical flying are located at higher altitudes and therefore require more power for a short take-off distance. The NS230HL was Nirvana Africa’s choice as it had both the power and dependability to give pilots the confidence to fly over rough terrain without worrying about engine failure. The NS230HL also had an ‘ace up its sleeve’ - The Control Unit has a single ignition switch. Essentially practical pilots have the ability to glide in for a landing and if overshooting the landing zone was a possibility, a quick push of the single ignition/kill switch button allows for a restart and ‘go-around’ to re-attempt the landing. This single feature is probably the most prominent capability that sets the Nirvana Instinct so far apart of the competition that all ‘special operators’, law enforcement and military entities applying for a PPG solution with Nirvana Africa, eliminated other competitor products from their choice after assessing this advantage. The Twist Air Struts and Anti-Torque Belt incorporated in the Nirvana Instinct design gives a stable body position on full acceleration, especially on Take Off. Various other competing machines that do not have anti-torque systems and can at times relay a false ‘turning impression' to the pilot and if the input by the pilot is incorrect it could lead to an accident.
  • 3 The Tactical Vest - After years of testing Dudek Gliders and Nirvana Paramotors, Nirvana Africa also designed tactical gear that is customised for the practical Nirvana pilot. The Harness Belts/Buckles do not conflict with the vest poaches that give practical pilots the following abilities - easy access to items stored in a ‘Dump Poach’, quick access to a tactical knife, access to rifle magazines or smoke grenades, access to the radio which has its antenna concealed in the vest and last but not least, ‘bullet proofing’ ability if required. Most 2016 pilots chose to train with their vests.
  • 4 Integrated communication - Nirvana Africa rigorously tests gear in projects such as the Nirvana Raptor Programme in Manyeleti Game Reserve. As the exclusive PPG entity that conducts anti-poaching operations in Manyeleti Game Reserve as part of the Kruger National Park, Nirvana Africa has the opportunity to put all equipment to the ultimate test. The FC4 Helmet allows for uninterrupted Bluetooth communication with other pilots, the receiving and making of phone calls if out of radio communication range and most importantly the stable radio communication platform that is integral to communicating with other aircraft and coordinating with ground operations.
  • 5 The FlyPhone mount designed by Nirvana Systems has been incorporated into the Tactical Vest and gives a great Moving Map Display through the Air Navigation Pro Application. Mounted on the vest instead of the Harness, The quick access to any brand of smart phone has removed any limitation practical pilots could experience when it comes to accessing information or communicating with others. Other popular items would include practical flight pants, shirts and jackets. This combination of gear in the hands of those that are dedicated to make use of it is truly amazing and we look forward to growing the community of Nirvana practical pilots.