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NIRVANA as a brand has had a long and proud history in South Africa. In 2014 the decision was made by the manufacturer to expand the scope of its operations in Africa. This was achieved with the establishment of Nirvana Africa which will now focus on establishing the following:

  • 1. Establish a Dealer Network that will include localized service centers, aviator community support, product availability, quick/reliable service and most importantly, personal relationships with owner managed franchises that cultivate trusting relations between brand ambassadors and Nirvana customers.
  • 2. Nirvana has a sizeable Research and Development program which enables it to produce paramotors with superior range as compared with most of its competitors. Nirvana Africa has made it one of its core missions to motivate pilots to participate in long-range Cross Country flights. With this goal in mind Nirvana Africa frequently arranges XC flights for its active community of pilots and rewards them with ‘branded XC merit badges’.
  • 3. The establishment of the Nirvana Aero Estate will welcome both PPG and Auto Gyro pilots. The project will give enthusiasts the option to live or visit a fly-in estate established on a nature reserve that is ‘aviation’ friendly. Nirvana Africa hopes to make this a common gathering point for Nirvana enthusiast from all over the world that would like to experience consistent good flyable weather the Lowveld region has to offer.