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NIRVANA is your gateway to one of the safest and most adventurous forms of aviation. Respected as a brand, tested in the field and proven by the Nirvana family of professional aviators – the entire range of Nirvana products will open up a new and exciting world of adventure aviation for you. Whether you are an aspiring pilot or a professional that will not settle for anything but the best.

The Nirvana brand is represented in both the racing arena and the recreational cross-country flying category. As Nirvana Africa we are confident that our machines are industry leaders when it comes to endurance, reliability, safety and durability. Join our competent crew and community of aviators as we continue to push the boundaries of personal flight on the African landscape.

“Worth more than just pictures and statements of support - Nirvana Africa is the only PPG company in South Africa that has a dedicated team of pilots flying anti-poaching missions for park authorities (integrated into the ‘mission control’ of Kruger National Park). Over the past 2 years both Nirvana and Nirvana Africa have made good on their pledge to use the technology to win the fight against endangered specie poaching, with special focus on the Rhino. Special development has gone into giving the Nirvana Raptor Pilot the ability to have integrated communication platforms, body armor for protection, survival/medical gear for worst case scenarios and tactical fitments for rifles and smoke grenades. Already proven and tested in the field after hundreds of hours of deployment, Nirvana Africa will launch its Project Raptor to the public within the coming weeks – watch this space”